Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last weekend

Tomorrow the kids will be starting school. In preparation for my little girl's lunch box. I asked her whether she wanted muffins or bread. In the end, she opted for bread.

This next half year will be a challenge as my boy will be sitting for his streaming exam. I pray that he will find clarity before it is too late. Also he will be put on the program in CGC soon as he was just diagnoised with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder). Actually my heart sank when I heard this. Now not only I have to deal with ADHD, I have another one more on my list. Haiz..... I pray my soul and well being will able to conqueror all.

Whatever it is, there is only so much I can do for him, the rest is really up to he himself who wanted it. If he has to take the long path, then so be it.

I wanted to bake something for my girl as now she is having braces on to straighten her front tooth. Thus she is unable to eat solid food at this moment. Initially wanted to bake her some soft bun to bring to school but she opted for porridge instead.

Wanted to do something together in the kitchen and we chose cake pop as we haven't try this before.

It was great fun as I roll and she dipped. So here is our first attempt on Cake Pop. Thanks Passionate about Baking for sharing the recipe.


Next, I added a dash of rum to create some Rum Balls for hubby. This reminded him of his childhood. Happy to hear that he likes it.


So after today, it will be back to routine. Am I happy? I seriously can't tell. In a way, I am happy that I will be having quiet moments in the morning but on the other hand, the challenges ahead can be a handful to handle.

So are you looking forward to it?

What you need:

400g Chocolate cake sponge, broken to pieces
100g Semi-sweet chocolate, melted
3 tbsp Whole milk (I used 5 tbsp)

Melted chocolate to coat


Using a food processor, blend the chocolate cake with the milk till it resemble damp crumbs.

Add in the melted chocolate and blend again.

The crumbs should come together nicely. If not, add a little milk or melted chocolate.

Roll it into balls. Chill for 10 mins.

Stick a candy stick into it and dip into melted chocolate and coat with colourful sprinklers.

Chill till ready to serve.

Variation: replace 1 tbsp of milk to rum to make rum balls. More if you like it more intense.
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  1. hope school is off to a great start - those cake pops look fabulous!

  2. Sorry to hear tt yr son was diagnoised with ODD.My advice is pray & surrender him to God and please give him plenty of LOVE. This advice was given to me many years ago by a heart specialist doctor when my eldest daughter has constant headache, chest pain, itchy ugly "elephant skin" on her stomach.No CAT scan, skin specialist, ECG or heart specialist doctor can heal her. However, She was healed by God when we went to a church retreat charismatic mass at Sabah conducted by Father Vincent Lee. I cried & apologised to her for pressuring her so much in her studies.I have since surrendered her to God and now exactly 12 years later, she is in her final year NUS Medical School.I pray that she will be a compassionate doctor to heal the sick and the poor.Likewise, for my son,the moment we stopped comparing his studies to my eldest daughter and give him lots of love (plus his Sec 3 repetition), he is doing extremely well in his studies plus his temper has improved tremendously with God's grace. God Bless, Theresa

  3. Thanks Simply Life!

    Theresa, I have been praying for him and for myself as well. Perhaps I have been impatience waiting for GOD to help him. I guess I will have to wait for him to see the light himself and bear the pain to see him fall. Thanks so much for sharing, it really helps.


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