Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cooling off the heat

Not too long ago, over the radio, I heard the phrase.

Raising teens raising blood pressure!

I couldn't agree any lesser. Though now he is much taller than me and of course stronger. His mind is still at such kiddy stage. Just before the school holiday, we were invited by the school to have a brief of what to expect for Secondary 2 onwards.

In fact, this year the kids will be streamed after their final exam. Either they go to all pure science, sub science or arts related classes (very much the same as what I went through).

The catch is that, my son is exempted from Chinese. The bad news is that he is very weak in all his core subjects. His English is only borderline pass, unbelievable, as he reads extensively; Science (could have done better if he tries but unfortunately no) and the worst is his Maths (he scored below 30%).

Without this three subjects especially Maths, he will have a hard time fitting into a class. Gauging from his interest, the only class that is suitable for him, he will have to take an external subject, outside of school as they don't have it in school to make up for the absence of Chinese.

More obstacle after as he won't be eligible for Junior college (without Chinese) and Poly (if he continues to fail his Maths).

After the briefing and my hubby’s further explanation, I thought he will understood better especially coming from his principal and dad and not from his naggy mom.

I was so disappointed that it has no impact on him. He still functions as if he is on cloud 9. It got worse with his new found attitude.

Being a mother, staying home all day, seeing this progress, I am at a lost. I can see red alert screaming at me. It is already third weeks into the school holiday. He makes no attempt to brush up on his weak subjects. Time is an essence but he failed to see it. I don’t know how else to guide him.

To make matter worst, he is addicted to his phone! Day in and day out, the phone never leaves him. It is always with him, sleeping, eating, "studying", pooing and even bathing!

Worst to come, hubby is feeling the strain when I tell him. Gosh, what am I to do? Shoulder this solo? He felt that he is losing his good guy image, I supposed.

I am losing my son and will I lose my hubby as well? Should I just focus on his well being and be totally oblivious to his behaviour? If not, the relationship will strain even further. Can a mother really have to see her son failed so that he learnt? It is such a painful decision.

After his over sea school trip, his attitude seems to magnify. Had another outburst and we, the parents, decided to back off. Guess what, with no one telling him to study, he spent the day lying on bed, listening to music, looking at You Tube on his phone (as I have confiscated the sim card, he can’t text). Snacking in his room and leaving all the wrappers around.

I am trying to control real hard not to notice these and keeping my cool. Seriously, I really don't know how else to handle this!

To channel my negative vibes, I decided to make ice cream! Yes, my hubby dearest bought me an ice cream machine. I had been eyeing on it for the longest time but somehow, never had the courage to invest as it was costly. But last week, I decided to visit a new baking supply shop and they were having a promotion!

After testing the sample ice cream, my hubby was sold! So I am a happy woman. See he doesn't need branded bags or diamonds to make his woman happy. hahaha...

Gotten some durian as and went on to make some Durian Ice Cream. Should have adjusted the sweetness as the durian was already sweet.


My helper kept praising that this is so shiok. :) and I am in total agreement. Much better than all those ice cream parlours' that people raved about. Seriously nothing beats home made.

And since I had a punnet of strawberry that was a tad too sour to eat fresh, I made into Strawberry Ice Cream.


Pretty isn't it? and I know that at least it was wholesome goodness in it with no flavouring to it.

Taking shots of ice cream is really difficult in this humid weather. Unless I have a kitchen with air con..... mmm... will be nice isn't it?


Now I am so happy that I am able to churn out gourmet ice cream and can't wait to share this with hubby when he is back.
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  1. Wow, your ice cream certainly look yummy. Am thinking of buying an ice cream machine for a long time too, but good ones were all so expensive. Can you share what brand you used and if it is still on promotion?

  2. Joycelyn, the brand is Venetto. It is on promotion at ToTT. Should be till end of GSS. Have fun.

  3. Hope the ice cream cooled your nerves a little. Hang in there for the calm after the storm :)

  4. Don't worry ! I'm sure your son will get better..:) Everyone goes through this stage. I'm 16 and I had that period of time early, and I'm [almost] over it now...It's just that we teenagers feel like we more than our parents, but we eventually realize that it is totally untrue. Keep strong, and don't fret over it...tell him that if he treats you and your hubby like crap, then you'll do the same back. Of course, you could also opt for the second option, which is to just back off on him and don't care anymore...well that sounds somewhat harsh but just let him be. He'll have his epiphany by college at latest. Then both you and your son will be happy. (My mom did both--first option to my younger sister, and the second to me)
    Good luck!!
    and your blog is amazing <3

  5. NEL, thanks. Now picking up the broken pieces slowly. Hopefully it will heal.

    Thanks NomNomSushi so much for the encouraging words.

  6. I have the same ice cream machine too :) Love it to bits

    Dessert Art conducts lessons at Holland, you can try it out.


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