Saturday, May 28, 2011

A crazy week

This is going to be a long post as I document how I spend this one week and I am glad that it was productive and well spent. Amazingly, women are so good at multi tasking. Thank God.

On Monday, my little girl learnt how to prepare an Egg Mayo Sandwich and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice! This is all part of the Life Skill program that the school organised with the help of parent volunteers.

Despite some chaotic mess as we forgotten to bring table cloths for the desks, we make do without them and pray that the floor will be spared. Just imagine egg shells, mashed eggs and finally cut oranges!


Seeing how the kids ate off their sandwiches and sipped at their juices, I know the effort had paid off.



It was followed by the P4s, learning how to iron. It was strange to find out that some kids don’t even want to get involved. Overall, the response was good as how often, a 10 years old are allowed to handle an iron. I hope they learnt something out of it.


On Tuesday, I conducted 3 sessions of muffin baking to the P6 kids. It was an extremely enjoyable event for both adults and the kids. The mummies were having a great time and I heard that the P6s were face-booking on how much they enjoyed the lesson as well.


I was especially touched when some of the girls that offered their end product to me during class, really sweet of them.

With those out of the way, my focus was on a Mickey Clubhouse cake that I did for my friend's son's birthday. I was pretty nervous as this is the first time I craft a standing Mickey and it is about 5" tall. I am glad that the lost of my beauty sleep was well sacrificed as little C was delighted with the cake. Do you think this looks like Mickey?


A blunder when I went for my parenting class on Wednesday and found out that I actually missed one lesson two week’s ago. Now how did that happened? I have no recollection what went on. All I know from now till end of course, I have to get 100% full attendance, if not, I will have to pay in full.

Then I realised that I have another one more commitment to fulfil before the end of the week. When you are busy, time really flies without you really counting it. So I was once again busy with my sugar dough. Finally all are in place and I found some time to post a recipe that I wanted to share with you.

By the way, I need to apologise to my fellow bloggers. I did find time to blog hop when I am taking a break from my work but unfortunately I can’t leave comments. I don’t know why. I just can’t seem to “sign in”. I can’t even edit from my blog page. Strange but right now, I have no time to trouble shoot as this will take me forever to do so.

Anyway, I spotted Kokken’s Sambal and I remembered I had done a batch this week as well. You see, on our way to the Firefly Park, we passed by a fishing village, and I brought some really nice dried shrimp from there. Aside from that, I also tasted a very nice Sambal French Toast in one of the café that KC brought us. So with that in mind, I knew I had to try to replicate it.

So here is the Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal that I prepared.


As for the Sambal French Toast, it was a failure. I couldn’t attain that crisp texture but I am glad that hubby said my sambal is much better than those we ate.


Now back to the drawing board to rework on that batter.

Have a good weekend.

What you need:

A - pound or blend everything together

10 small onions
3 clove garlic
15 dried chillies, soaked and cut
5 chilli padi
1 tbsp toasted belachan
100g dried shrimp, soaked and cleaned
6 tbsp oil

1 tbsp asam paste mixed with 3 tbsp water to get the juice.
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt to taste


Heat up oil, sautee the pounded A until fragrant.

Add B and stir fry until dry. Taste and remove from wok.

Leave to cool.

Note: Either serve with white rice, or as sandwiches.
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  1. Looks like you really had a very crazy week Edith! And the egg mayo that the girl is eating really looks delicious :)

    And Mickey looks just like himself :) Congrats on a cake well done!

  2. my oh my! that's really quite dainty fondant work for the cake! I really let out a "fwah!" as the mouse was scrolled down and the photo popped up! Really impressive work, Edith!

  3. Tks Janine, MeRy and travelingfoodies.

  4. The Mickey mouse cake is lovely!!! And I also love your "Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal" too :p

  5. edith,

    you're great with fondant cakes. well done! I'm sure anyone will be pleased to receive this.

  6. Edith, you have sure been keeping yourself busy. Love your hei bee hiam. I would love to try your recipe soon! Thanks for the shout out.

  7. Thanks Bakertan, the birthday boy was pleased.

    Shirley, do let me know whether you like this. I will try yours sometime later.

  8. Looks like you really had a very crazy week Edith! And the egg mayo that the girl is eating really looks delicious :)

    And Mickey looks just like himself :) Congrats on a cake well done!

  9. Hi Edith,

    Have not been here for a long time. It's nice to be back.

    If you like the smell of kaffir limes, try adding some finely julienned kaffgir lime leaves for the Nyonya style. It's really good.

  10. Hi Edith, just to let you know that I tried your Sambal recipe and we loved it, thanks.

    The cake looks lovely, you got really superb skill.

  11. Thanks Janine.

    Alannia, next round I will take in you advice.

    Glad that you like it, HK Choo.


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