Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's try

I have never been to Macau but I do hear that besides the Almond Cookies and Portuguese Egg Tart. Another special dessert was this pudding.


It had been in my KIV for a longest time but I couldn't find it in my folder as you can imagine after all these days of collecting recipes, this pile of KIVs had grown seriously out of control.

In 2009 Dec, I saw it at Corner's Cafe, I know that I will still have a chance to test it out as it is much easier to find his blog than my pile of KIVs.

So here I am, with a little time to play in my kitchen, I churned these out to welcome my hubby back. Poor man had been working like a slave these past two weeks.


My experiment didn't go too smoothly for my cream didn't perk. Not too sure it is due to me, using whipping cream rather than thickened cream as indicated in the recipe. I supposed I should have whipped the cream to soft perk before adding in the milk.

Luckily after chilling, the cream thickened. I also used chocolate marie biscuit instead of the normal ones and it turned out so pretty in the cup.

Overall, my family said it is good.

For next round, I will have to do one tablespoon of "sawdust" to 2 tablespoon of cream.

Makes 4 cups

What you need:

125g (about 15 pieces) Marie biscuits
300ml thickened (whipping) cream
90g (3 oz) sweetened condensed milk


With a blender, blend biscuits into fine crumbs and set aside.

Beat the cream and sweetened condensed milk together until firm. (note: I will whipped the cream to soft perk and then incorporate condensed milk)

Spoon one tbsp of biscuit crumbs into the bottom of the glass.

Next scoop two – three tablespoon of the sweetened cream.

Repeat to form alternate layers ending with biscuit crumbs.

Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
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  1. looks good to me edith! feel like digging my spoon into it :)

  2. Ohh looks good... When I saw the picture before reading, I thought was tiramisu! :)

  3. Jean, it is very nice and creamy.

    Aimei, hahha... it sure looks it.

  4. this look so lovely! i want to eat it too! (: (:

  5. edith, it looks so yummy!! also to let you know that you've been invited for the easter party@5 recipes to celebrate easter. try to join if you can..

  6. hi edith, like aimei i also thought it was tiramisu but i think this is much simpler to make than tiramisu. may sound a bit fattening but no big deal, as long as this is delicious!

  7. The Sweetylicious, make some. It is easy.

    Ah Tze, thanks for the invitation. Hopping over to check it out.

    lena , this can be eaten once a while. Too fattening but also too yummy.

    Yummy Bakes, you are right.

  8. Jean, it is very nice and creamy.

    Aimei, hahha... it sure looks it.

  9. looks good to me edith! feel like digging my spoon into it :)


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