Friday, March 12, 2010

Walking around

I have been walking round the house trying to find my inspiration to build a concept round a Transformer Bumblee cake for the past few days. As I am not good with internet surfing, this can be quite a tiring job. I wish I have the patience to go through page by page on all those links. When JT first approached me to bake her son a cake, I really took it without a second thought. Why? Because JT is such a nice lady. My brief was an Optimus or Bumblee theme. Of course I know who Optimus is. My son and hubby had been viewing the DVD countless of time. On the other hand, I was thinking how on earth Optimus blend in with Bumblee (as in the bee?). I was clueless who Bumblee is till I accidentally chance upon it while researching on a picture on Optimus. I was like "Oh my gosh!". I am really behind time. Yes, though I have a son, he was never really into Transformer toys or was it mommy that never given him this opportunity? I am lucky as I don’t have to do mad rush to buy those limited edition of Transformers like YM used to do. YM and her family are die hard Transformer fan. You won’t believe how many they had collected over the years. I never understood such feeling. Anyway, I wanted to do more rather than just a face that JT proposed (I guess she knew my limitation). I took this as a challenge for a boring housewife whose job is really very mundane a day to day basis. So while I am still getting my inspiration, I was also feeling the urge to make some "cooling" dessert as weather of late is really unbearably hot. I am not a big fan of green bean but I was told that green bean can actually neutralised the “heatiness” in your body. So for my family sake, especially when hubby is hitting the road again, this is the best way to "cool" our body so that we can keep cough, sore throat and ulcers at bay. Photobucket I decided to add in sago pearl too as this will definitely create that smoother texture in the Green Bean soup. Having failed many times trying to cook sago, I was a little jittery. Tried to research but all they give is recipes. Initially I thought I burnt the sago again as it was sticking to the pot. Somehow, it was blessing in disguise when I left it alone for a few mins. The “burnt” sago actually soften and blended it with the rest. So now I know the trick and fear no more. Next I will try Sago pudding. In the meantime, here is my Green Bean Soup with Sago for this evening dessert. Photobucket What you need: 240g green bean (soak, wash and drain) 7 cups of water 5 pandan leaves 50g sago gula melaka to taste Method Boil green bean and water till bean soften. In a pan of boiling hot water, put in sago and boil for about 10 mins. Stirring once a while. Continue to cook till sago become transparent. Turn off heat and cover pan for a few mins before draining it in tap water and subsequently put it over ice bath. When green bean has soften, add in sago and bring it to a boil. Add gula melaka to taste and stir till sugar dissolved. Serve either cold or hot.
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  1. This is the perfect dessert for our weather. How can you say you are a boring housewife??? You bake and cook and blog!! That is so not boring! :)

  2. My hubby loves Transformer to bits! He bought so many of those toys on the pretext that they are for son... but I knew it is to fulfil his childhood dreams!

    I am looking forward to your Transformer... I have faith you will do a great job!


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