Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oatmeal Cream Cheese Pancake

Warning: This is going to be a long post. I scratched my head and wonder why at times, people can be so nasty. My blog is a place where I document all precious moments in my life. Like a little dairy of what I had accomplished and a glimpse for hubby to know what we had been up to when he is not around. Of course, I can always make this a private space for myself and for my family but because of the generosity of other bloggers. I have learnt to improve on my baking and cooking over the years. Not that I am a guru in these fields but for a homemaker whose basic knowledge is from those that I acquired through Home Economic lessons as well as by watching how my mom cooks. I have the cyber world to thank to. Thus I believe in passing on this kind gesture just like others had. I do receive many encouragements and friendly comments and emails. For some, we even become friends. What I can't comprehend is that for some who hates it so much. You have the option of not visiting my blog. If you don't like what you read, you don't have to come into my blog. It is your prerogative! I certainly do not like strong languages being used and a cowardice act of not even leaving a name when you want to be nasty. By the way, you are not the only one who knows such vocabulary. It not only reflects badly on your personality but it also shown that you have inferiority complex when you behave in such manner. We, human have to deal with Mother Nature such as drought, flood and etc. Why be so hard on mankind which is sometime that you can control? Life is unpredictable and short. Be nice. Do make peace with yourself so that you are less angry or with others. I am sure you have better things to do in life then to spend your time leaving nasty and rude comments. Well, enough being said, I seriously hope that this place is for friendly people. For those whose opinion differs, I welcome constructive criticisms and with a name please. Now back to what we have been doing yesterday. We spent 4 hours biking away, of course inclusive of lunch (they have a really nice potato salad which is spuring me on to locate a nice recipe to try). I really needed to train my little one to build up her stamina. Though she is strong with her upper torso but her lower one definitely needs some training. A near accident by her caused me to have a badly bruised shin. Ouch! But luckily she wasn't hurt and didn't develop a phobia if not; I seriously don't know how we are going to make it home if she did. I am beginning to have a hard time with prince's attitude too. I don't know whether it is the teenager phrase but he seems not liking his sister's company anymore. He has been bossing her around and often with a hard tone when he command her around. Can kids change in such a fast span of time? I kept telling myself that I have to be calm but it is so trying. Perhaps I hate loud noise because it definitely irritates me. I was really looking forward to this weekend as the helper is already on board. At least it ease my mind on housework. Anyway, for the past weeks, mornings are such a rush that it is hard to prepare nice breakfast. All they have been eating are cereals and sandwiches. So when I saw East meet West's Oatmeal Cream Cheese Pancake, I immediately know what is going to be my breakfast this morning. Thanks S, we had a good time making our breakfast. The kids were eager to help out and that is nice. As for the pancake, it was good! I am going to make another batch and deep freeze it so that the kids will have more choices for the breakfast. Photobucket What you need: 250g Self-raising flour 3 Tbsp Sugar 2 Tbsp Oats 1 small/medium Egg 250ml Milk 2 tbsp condensed milk 125g Cream cheese 1/4 Tsp Vanilla extract A pinch of Salt Method: Mix the flour, sugar, salt and oats. Make a well in the flour and add in the egg. Add in the vanilla extract. Mix with a whisk, adding in the milk bit by bit. Stir in the cream cheese. Set aside to rest for at least 30 minutes before starting to cook them in a lightly-buttered crepe pan. Served with fruits, honey or maple syrup.
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  1. beautiful fluffy pancakes! love the look of it :D

  2. Edith, I hope you are alright. It is annoying to get nasty comments sometimes. Check out a debate here:

    and my reply here to others:

    I do reply back sometimes but I soon gave up. I am moderating comments and their comments simply will be just known to themselves and forgotten by me and deleted by me of course!

    Remember that this is your diary and no one can make you unhappy. They cannot and perhaps, you yourself shouldn't. Try to forget about it okay?

    *Quinn run over to Edith and gave her a big big hug!

  3. Thanks Tracie.

    Thanks for the hug Quinn. I normally will just ignore nasty comments as I have learnt from my previous experiences.

    Just that having RUDE words being used pisses me off.

    Wanted just to let it out and get it out of my system. *wink* I am perfectly alright.

  4. Hi Edith

    It is best to ignore small minded people who has nothing better to do! I have enjoyed your blog all these years although this is the 1st time I've left u a comment. Cannot 'tahan' reading that people must be so nasty and it's only a small number of people like that. I am sure you have lots of readers like me who enjoyed your blog very much. Keep up your good writing and baking!

  5. Edith ah, your pancakes looked much better than mine, sigh, how did you get them to stay round? Maybe my pan is too big?

    Anyway, I am sorry to know that you are still getting the nasty comments. Will say it again, you have a lovely blog, don't let those small-minded people win by shutting the rest of us out. Just do your own thing and pretend they are like those irritating flies you have to live with in hot weather.


  6. Sometimes we cannot control what others are going to say but we can alter our perspective to those nasty ones!

    I have always enjoyed your blog and admired your passion and devotion. Hope you won't be put off by these minorities!


  7. HI Edith

    the pancakes look yummy, would like to make them one of these days but wondering what kind of oats should i use. can i use the instant qaker oats? also, for the cream cheese, do i have to melt them first?

  8. Thanks Lilee and cookie for standing by me and for your support to this little blog of mine.

    S, I used a tiny frying pan. Once awhile, I do get some sore thumbs which I totally ignored but I can't put up rude languages being used here.

    octopusmum, I used rolled oats and I just warm my cream cheese with a quick zap in the microwave for easy mixing.

  9. thks v much


  10. Edith

    Just read your post.

    Haiz .... can't understand why some people can leave nasty commentary . Never mind, you are a better person for not letting those nasty comments get to you. You rock girl ......


  11. Hugs, don't let them spoil your day.

  12. Edith, I am now super thick skinned on nasty comments. One thing I Iearn is just to ignore, overlook beyond this. Some people are very free, enjoy leaving nasty comments as they go blog hopping. Its your blog, and like you say, its for you to blog about life and about things that matters to you. :)

  13. Ange, K - thanks for being here.

    Gina, guess I have to grow my skin thicker.


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