Saturday, January 02, 2010

Active Singaporean?

Ever since we read that the NP has plans to connect all the parks island-wide, we were pretty excited and think that this idea is really fantastic. It will definitely able to encourage more active Singaporeans. As you see, we enjoyed cycling. When I was in my teens, I loved cycling along the beach. We used to cycle in the rough terrain near our first matrimonial house in Woodlands when it was less developed and had enjoyed it. Today, we wanted to do something more active instead of being couch potatoes. We spent the morning on our two wheelers, trying to figure out how the park connector works. Photobucket We had good weather and were in high spirit. We started off from Kallang River. It was supposedly to connect all the way to Bishan Park. A distance of 6.8km and according to hubby, that distance on a bike is not taxing. With high spirit, we peddled on. Our joy didn’t last long. First of all, signs weren't prominent at all. It takes a little exploring to see the "connector". Photobucket With a 7 years old in tow, the journey wasn't as smooth as what we had imagine. In fact, if hubby isn't with us, I doubt I will ever try it again. What we had in mind was something like the East Coast Park cycling track. Unfortunately to use this connector, we had to brave through stairs after stairs, pedestrian walkways and bus stops to avoid going onto the road with our 7 years old. How possible will it be for a little girl to lift her bike and climb up these? Photobucket Photobucket Eventually this proved too much for our little princess. There were simply too many obstacles to overcome. We gave up! I really hope that the NP will relook this drawing board to make this a more family oriented so that more Singaporean will be able to use this.
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  1. Hilarious that there stairs on a bicycle route!

  2. Hilarious that there stairs on a bicycle route!


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