Sunday, July 19, 2009

The real thing

I seldom or don't blog about product but for this one, I really wanted to tell the whole world. My dear cousin K dropped by Singapore for a short holiday. He bought along this packet of wonderful Shrimp Noodle (虾子面 read in Cantonese) for us to try. He told us that these days, it is rare to find a good product that has no preservative and is truly authentic. As taste is subjective, I was not really into what he said till I cooked it today. Boy was he right. This noodle has a distinctive 虾子 taste. In fact, when you cooked it, you can literally see it in the pot of boiling water. Though it takes long to cook but the taste was really good. I am going to stock this up when I next goes to HongKong. I just love it to bits. Photobucket
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  1. Oh I love har tse meen too. Gotta check this out then. There is a new kid in town & it's called abalone noodles. Have you seen it ?


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