Friday, July 10, 2009

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At the blink of the eyes, a week had past. We are in the midst of preparing my little boy for his Prelim which is in the month of August.

Since I hired a Maths tutor for him, I am suppose to be a little more relax but when I saw how the tutor who charges S$50/hr, had been coaching him. I started getting nervous again. Imagine, while giving my son tuition, his mobile phone is turned on and it kept beeping.

Though his conversation is short, he is always smsing. During the school hols, he came twice in the morning and twice he went for his poo time during class.

His method of teaching is by asking my son to attempt questions from an assessment book and he on the other hand is busy smsing.

He only explains to my son when the kid can't solve the problem. Now, aren’t they supposed to go through topics by topic to see which topic he needed help most or just killing time asking the child to do his assessment while he looked on?

Now he is telling me my son’s standard is okay when a month ago, on his first lesson that my son can’t even comprehend the basic? I am baffled that during this one month, my son’s had shown such improvement.

Thus I need to put a little pressure on him by telling him that since my son is not taking his Chinese, I am expecting either A or A* for the other three subjects.

He gave me a stare and quickly continued to say that it takes two hands to clap? As I have lost touch with the tuition world, I am wondering whether this is the norm of tutors?

I really don't know whether I am getting petty or what. For that kind of fees, I am definitely expecting something in return.

Next week, son will be starting on his Science tuition as my hubby won’t find the time to coach him. She too came with years of experience and only charges only S$30/hr. Let’s see this one is better than the first.

So enough of my ranting …..

Have you ever been obsessed with Pork Floss Buns? When the rave first got started, queues were seen at many of this reputable bakery. In fact, you can see people piling buns after buns into their trays.

Some how, this trend died slowly, though it is still available but I reckoned it is still one of their best selling item. Recently I was up in Jakarta and this trend was once again seen.

Doing a currency conversion, it is roughly the same price but the size is a little bigger than what we are getting here. Anyway, I started to get motivated to bake bread again.

Though I have already acquired the 17 hour bread book few months ago, I didn't get any motivation to explore further. Thus I am making my own Pork Floss Bun.

We just can’t pinpoint exactly how mine is different but I believe the floss has a role to do with the taste.

What you need:

White bread loaf recipe
Pork Floss


After reading that somewhere is offering Durian on Toast and charging S$4+ for it. I just couldn’t resist having my own version. Thus the concept of embedding durian puree into my bun comes about. So I am calling this Durian Bun.

I really don’t know whether any one or any where else had this. Nevertheless, this didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, my hubby and I like it.

We tried both hot and a little cooled down and I think this bun is best eaten when cooled.


What you need:

White bread loaf recipe
Durian Paste

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  1. I don't think your Maths tutor deserve the fees. You might as well save it up and coach him yourself if that is the kind of job the tutor is doing. I'll be really pissed off if I'm you (pardon my language). If you ever change tutor, maybe set your rules first, no frequent calling/smsing on the phone ;P

    And all your durian products are making me hungry. I'm waiting to get my hands on some non-diary whipping cream (it's been out of stock in my area for a while) to make durian ice cream. Got a box of durian flesh freezed up in my freezer. :)

  2. Edith - I think you should find a new tutor for your son coz this guy is not doing anything and getting J to do assessments is not helping at all. Ask around your friends to see if anyone has a good tutor. Sorry I would have "sacked" him ages ago! Taking on from where KWF left off - I wouldn't say no frequent calling/smsing on the phone - I would say turn the phone off while tutoring.


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