Friday, July 24, 2009


I befriended W through a forum and didn't really get a chance to connect with her till late. Though I had her contact on my msn list for a long time, somehow, I am afraid that she might be busy and had no time for me. Being at home, we have own time own target but I cannot assume others are too.

Anyway, I finally get to meet her in person and I am glad. It is such a wonderful feeling finding like minded people who shares the same passion as you. I love it.

I am not a brittle person as I don't really like peanuts but hey this Almond Brittle is something special. In fact it is really very good that I have to control myself so that I can save some for my hubby who adores brittles.

W make this for sales and it is absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing this with me and nice knowing you.

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  1. Hi Edith, the almond brittle looks yummy, how did you manage to cut them so nicely? Smooth edges...

  2. Mima, not done by me. It was a gift from my friend who is selling this. Very delicious.


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