Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taking a break

Initially I was wondering whether it is a wise idea to go for a holiday in lieu of son's forth coming PSLE.

The pressure is building up and the tension is heightening. We were reminded by the school that there is only about 4 months to the big day and we have to start shutting down our kids' computers.

Not that sonny boy is doing it as I have banned computer games since last year and only become a privilege if he is good and even so, it is only on weekends and school holidays.

We were thinking, since it is going to be a real intensive 100 days minus the June holiday. We might as well go for a good break and slog after.

Gosh, imagine our kids are doing their exams and we have to slog with them as well. I don't recall my parents plan my study schedule for me. Such situation makes me understand why many of my married friends refused to have kids.

It is not only torturing for them to go through the examination procedure but also putting lots of pressure and strain on the parents too.

Friends who have 12 years old at home will understand my current situation. I now fully understand why some parents are so keen to send their kids for tuition/enrichment classes at young age. I now fully comprehend why they are willing to "hang" for hours outside the class.

Now that my little girl is in P1, I am already feeling the pressure from the school. They started streaming her based on her mid year "test" results. Group consist of the brainy ones who scored 90+, the average brainer from 70 - 80+ and the weakest from 60+ downwards.

Thus now I see the loop hole where the opportunists will dive in and the source of all this paranoid behaviour.

I just refused to conform to the norm. My hubby and I still stand firm that a child is a child and they should at least enjoy childhood.

Enjoy going to school, enjoy the learning process. We want to bring up kids who appreciate life on the whole.

So I will still have another 4.5 years for my little one to have a good time at school before she starts to gear up for her big obstacle too.

Anyway, let's work on that after our break.

I didn't regret making the trips after all. Though tired but it was time well spent as a family and as an individual?

I took up the challenge to climb part of Mount Kinabalu. The climb reminded me of our many holidays we had before we became parents. The energy we had then and now are a far cry. Though we make it 1/6 of the way, by night time, I knew that I hadn't really fully recovered become the pain was so intense that I was practically crying.

Guess I still have to take it easy when comes to being physical.

We stayed at Nexus Beach Resort. It is really far away from most activities, the hotel was impressive in terms of layout and size. The buffet spread was not too bad. As for the room amenities, I won't consider it as a 5 stars hotel.

We always feel that a good hotel should have firm bed and nice pillows. They failed in this miserably and for the first night, I think they didn't even make the bed as we saw the bedroom slipper next to the bed and the sheets were alittle "messed" but we were too tired to take it up to the reception and hit the pillows immediately as it was already past midnight by the time we got to the rooms.

Did we regret it considering the room rate we paid? Not really because the beach is so awesome that we should have spent more time there. The sand was powdery soft and the water was crystal clear till knee deep. Now I really missed my diving days.

We also did island hopping and it was a great disappointment. The first island which is Sapi was a last min decision.

Thank God because the other one that they recommended was pathetic. Though water was deeper, it was dirty as well. You need to swim quite far out to get a proper snorkelling spot. And boy these beaches are so crowded that it kills the idyllic atmosphere.

As for their famous Poring Hot Spring, I would give this a miss as it is really strange place. It is like a public bath house but if you want, just do it for the experience.

The only regret is that we never get a chance to eat Coconut Pudding which KK is famous for.

Next we headed to Kuching.

Heard so much about their good food but was kind of disappointed. We found out that Kolo Mee is just like our char siew noodle, only that the noodle is more springy. I do like their Sarawak Laska though and even bought home some premix that a vendor recommended.

It was such a small town that we ate dinner at the same place, Topspot for two consecutive nights. Of course we wanted to try different vendor's style of cooking.

This place is like our East Coast Seafood Centre except that these stalls are located on top of a multi story car park which is just a stone throw to our hotel. I am actually impressed with the service of the hotel staff. We were lucky to have a floor that was newly upgraded so things are nice and new. They even offer a choice of pillows for you to choose from.

For our dinner, our final recommendation and value for money will goes to


The lady who attended to us is friendly and she kept coming back for our feedback on the food. Their service is fast and good unlike the night before, we really have to wait for one dish after another.

Do try their Oyster Omelette which is really different. I love the sting ray as well as their Butter Crab and you can do away with Pepper Crab as Pepper is famous here.

We have a vegetable that is cold and yet delicious. Though I see lots of Sarawak Kek Lapis selling everywhere, I never get a chance to experience Serikaya Cake.

Apparently, no one knows what that is. Now why do I have the impression that the cake is from there? haiz.... but I did buy something that is close to that and I was told that it takes 6 hours to steam.

Okay, now don't ask me what is the name of this. It is chewy and a little bitter aftertaste (perhaps of the browning sauce). There are traces of some fruit bits. I think I still prefer my Serikaya cake.

Our family holidays ended really quickly but I didn't have time to recap as I was frantically unpacking and packing for the next flight out in the early morning as we have been invited by my girl's godma for a trip to Jakarta.

I always wanted to visit Jakarta but hubby dearest always said it is boring. Boring it isn't because we had so much fun. Perhaps Godma E knows all the exciting places to go.

We love the safari tremendously as it is so much more fun that our night safari.

We spent a day at Bandung shopping and dined at this beautiful place. Not only the ambience was great, the food was excellent.

We even had a horseback riding at the hotel. Cool isn't it?

I couldn't believe our kids went up to this ride 21 times! and still have the energy for a round of karaoke session. Those 5 days seems so short and E was already inviting us back again.

Now this trip is definitely fun for the kids and as for me, a good bonding time with a long time friend who is dear.

Okay back to reality now.

I can't wait for our next holiday. *Wink*
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