Friday, June 19, 2009

Picking up speed

Time really flies and half the year passed. Since our little getaways, I have been busy preparing for a charity bake. I am really pleased to be part of it as I do enjoyed such events. When MC approached me to see whether I can do it, I took it up immediately without thinking. Well so far, this is my biggest project for Cupcake Fantasies and I am happy that we pulled it through except a small hiccup but was quickly rectified when hubby stepped in to help. Thanks L, MC and ML for helping out one way or another for this worthy cause. I hope the fund raised will blessed more kids who in need. Photobucket
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  1. Hi Edith,
    I'm not sure which charity drive you committed but I do have one fund raising appeal.

    I wish I can do what you did but unfortunately, I'm not as skilful as you :P

  2. Hi BH, the world is so small. In Sept, a girl friend of mine also appeal for this and it happened to be a friend of hers. I contributed her birthday "$" for this cause.


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