Monday, May 11, 2009

Roll away

I love swiss rolls and my favourite is sugar roll by two very reputable bakeries. Some how these days, I feel that the roll either shrunk in size or the price has gone up.

Just last weekend, we were down in Joo Chiat and decided to pick up some durian crepes and puff from this stall that was supposedly to be the very FIRST durian puff stall.

Bought it to my mom's house to celebrate Mother's Day and my sister told me that they used to sell it at S$8.50 for 20 pcs and now it is S$11.00. Personally I don't think it is really that great. Hubby commented it has that burnt taste no the choux puff.

Since today is a non school day, besides busy preparing the kids for the test, I was also itching to bake. The last time I tried making swiss roll was I guess 2 years ago? And it definitely didn’t look like a good one.

This time, I took the same recipe that I failed last week as it was actually meant for roll and not as cake. Perhaps that is the reason why it collapsed.

Thanks Wen & AK for pointing it out to me. Durian season is now in, though not the best timing to have durian, the craving was just too great not to buy some. I stored the leftover durian in my freezer. So bingo, we have our delicious durian rolls within an hour.

My daughter loves it so much that she was literally licking the bowl of durian puree while I was preparing it. Thanks Wen, I did it and it is really delicious.

Head over to Wen's Delight if you needed the complete recipe plus the durian cream to go with this.


Note: Recipe is removed as the instructor is still teaching this cake. Sorry folks.
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  1. Yummy, I love swiss roll too! I guess I need to get some fresh durian to make this delicious recipe of yours! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG Edith ! you finally did it ! Yay :)

  3. Wow... this looks so yummy!

  4. Your roll is so fantastic and inviting, yummy!

  5. wah, durian is my favourite fruit! oohh... how i wish I can have one of your durian rolls now... ;-)

  6. Thanks HBS for dropping by. It is very delicious.

    AK, hehehehe yes I finally did it.

    Thanks Selba and Mary for dropping by. Have a nice day.

    Piggy.... will the new place have durian?

  7. Hi, I'm itching to try out this recipe but could not find the recipe for the durian cream filling. Could you help? Thanks.

  8. Hi Julia, I just whipped some whipping cream and stir in the durian pulps. You can either steam cooked the durian pulps or add in fresh. Your choice. I don't need any sugar as durian itself is sweet.


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