Friday, May 01, 2009

Been busy

I have been really busy for the past weeks. Commitments to Cupcake Fantasies kept me away from blogging. Also I have some guests in town, though I don't need to play tour guide but it is only right to be a good host.

What else that Singapore shine except food. Thus I was filling my tummy full each day. Not good for my waist line, especially now that I managed to fit nicely into my dresses. Definitely don't want to ruin it with a rolly polly tummy sticking out. Anyway, my guests had left and I am glad that they had a good time. Since I just completed some of my cupcake projects, I wanted to bake something else rather than my cuppies.

Just to get out of the routine. Last week, while doing my grocery shopping, I spotted cream cheese at a good deal and what better way is to have a cheese brownies, right? Cheese and chocolate are both my family's hot favourite.

Time for a treat as this weekend is a long one for us being Labour Day. Unfortunately my little prince is down with a fever. Actually it is really my fault for asking him to take a shower when he was still sweating from his ball game and excessive snacking on Japanese crackers. Haizz.....

This recipe is shared by AK.

I really did a bad job at it as I swirl the brownie batter with the cheese batter too much. Thus you can’t see the marbling effect that it was supposed to be.

Nevertheless, we really love the taste.

Definitely I am going to redo this again.


I have a package of cheddar cheese too and just needed to finish it up to free the space in the fridge.

I saw Yochana’s Cheese sticks and decided to try hers. I expected a crunchy and crispier texture but I don’t know why mine is more like a cake like cookie. A disappointment.


Perhaps I cut it into hearts shaped rather than a stick form? Could this be the fault? I think this recipe allows more room for extra cheese as I hardly detect the taste.

What you need:

40g ground almonds
180g plain flour
80g Kraft Cheddar cheese - grated (I will add more if I ever do it the next round)
1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract


Cream butter, salt and sugar until fluffy.

Dribble in the beaten eggs gradually. Mix well.

Add in vanilla essence, grated cheddar cheese, ground almonds and plain flour.

Mix till a dough is formed . It will be a soft dough.

Chill the dough for at least 1 hour so that it will be easy to handle.

Roll out dough between two pastic sheets and cut into strips of 2 1/2" x 3/4".

The dough turns soft very quickly. So I would recommend doing it portion by portion.

Brush with egg glaze, grate some cheddar cheese on top of cookies.

Bake at 170C for about 15 mins. then lower then temperature to 160C and continue baking till golden brown and crispy.

Cool and store.

Next, a total disappointed experience. Just like bread, I think I have to just continue to find THE recipe.

So far, my sponge cake experiences have been a disaster.

Guess it is about time to search for a good teacher to teach me the basic of baking a good sponge cake. Anyone out there?

I won’t disclaim the recipe as I really like the texture. I will try it again.

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  1. the cheese stick bickies are delicious but even more so the chocolaty cake mmmmmmmm !

  2. wow the brownies look great.Oh what happen to the cake?It looks so soft and delicious but alittle collapse :)
    Maybe you should making the sponge cake again.I think the egg whites problem.Did you whip the egg whites till foamy then start to add the sugar bit by bit?Hmm sometimes i fail in making sponge cake too.LOL

  3. do we get the recipe for the cheese cream chocolate?it really looks yummy!

  4. Did you do the ribbon test for the sponge cake??

  5. Hi,

    How many eggs are there in the cheese hearts? I don't see it listed in the ingredients.


  6. Hi,

    How many eggs are there in the cheese hearts? I don't see it listed in the ingredients.


  7. do we get the recipe for the cheese cream chocolate?it really looks yummy!


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