Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

This morning when I opened up my email, I received a nice surprise for Easter. I didn't bake anything special for this Easter. In fact, I just completed a project from Cupcake Fantasies and was getting ready for the delivery when I saw a message from All that Matters. Didn't have a chance to respond to that till now. I like reading Rei's blog, All that Matters for her unpretentious narrative of her life, her passion and her kids. She has multi talents that she doesn't flaunt. Especially when she completes her fondant cake projects, it always left me in awe how she does it considering she works and spend her precious time bonding with her kids. Yes her two little ones are really lovely and my daughter does miss this playmate. Her creativity and workmanship is really good. Now, let me forward this blog to the following bloggers who are now part of my daily blog reading. Jo from Sugar and Everything Nice. I have an opportunity to get to know her in person. She is so calm and her blog is really great. Good food and beautiful pictures. Lots to learn from her. Peng from Peng's Kitchen for her home styled cooking and endless of delicious bakes. Her dishes always reminds me of my mommy's home cooked food. Nancy of Nancy Ho. Her dedication to her children and family. Grace from Kitchen Corner. Another great baker with plenty of her baking experiences that I wish I have the same energy as hers. Piggy from Piggy's Journal. Yet another multi talent lady who can cook, bake and sew so well and I love her personality too. Happy Easter everyone.
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  1. Hi Edith,
    Love reading your blog, esp on food and parenting. :) I am following your blogger friends' blogs too. U r right... I really enjoy reading them.
    I am a mother of 2 very young kids and I specially take sabatical leave just for them and with the help of a helper and I find it very tough to cope. I really salute to all of you who can work, cook, bake, and discipline your children all at the same time.
    Three Cheers for all mothers out there!


  2. Great to know you through the cooking world. You've plenty of good food which I can use for my future. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Baking!

  3. Dear Edith,
    You have also been part of my daily reads :) Your cooks and bakes has been a source of inspiration to me.I feel very honoured and flattered by your special mention. Hope we will get a chance to meet up one day. Thank you

  4. Aiyoh, thanks so much for the award, my friend! :-D

  5. Hi Edith, this is indeed a very nice surprise and many thanks for this award.


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