Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sponge Cake

My kids love Char Siew Pau and I wanted to try making it myself. These days, a tiny char siew pau is around S$0.70. Just two bites and you are done with it and I need to get at least a dozen to satisfy my growing son for one sitting.

 I remembered my mom attempted this before without any success. I researched on the internet and found many versions of making pau skin which is crucial for a good pau.

 One that doesn't sticks to your teeth, one who is still semi soft when cold and one who will "smile". hahhaha

 Thus after getting the double acting baking powder (now I know why I recently threw a bottle out because I couldn’t figure why I bought it). I actually done a batch of starter dough but due to poor time management,

I couldn't continue to full cycle. Haiz... so last night, after coming home from my "indoor picnic". I went about to prepare the dough. This is going to be a perfect timing coz my parents are coming over. yipee....

 Then disaster struck this morning, I was really happy to see my dough proofing well. Just as I was about to start the pau process, damn, I realised that I used the wrong flour for my starter dough last night!!

 Instead of HongKong flour, I actually added bread flour instead.

 Trying to savage the damage, I went to buy two packets of Hong Kong flour. Continue with the process and praying that it will works. Mom said the dough don't look right, it was too stiff.

 After more kneading, the dough seems to soften and became smooth. I took a sample to steam and after 10 mins, I declared the dough is useless. There goes a double portion of flour down the bin. Haizz... talks about shit luck.

 Twice in a row is bad enough. Forget about bad stuff.

 My dad has been so wonderful. He has been coming over to help us to do up some fixtures and fittings that we couldn't decided when we were renovating our house.

 I am blessed with having a dad that is like Mr Handy Mandy. I have never heard or seen a man with so many skills. I remembered he once "dismembered" his car and reassemble it back again.

 For our first house, he did all the carpentry work including making his own bed. He helped me sew my first bandage when I was in Red Cross. In fact, besides cooking, I think he knows so many things. Having him around is really awesome.

 Whenever my kids broke their toys, they will said: "never mind, gong gong (grandpa in Chinese) will be able to fix it back". Cool isn't it?

 Since mom mentioned that she finally found a way to gain weight. Guess what, by eating cakes. I decided to switch to plan B.

 I tried again the sponge cake that I failed yesterday. This time I also reduced the sweetness as dad doesn’t have sweet tooth. Well, this definitely a good make up for my early morning blunder. Next time round, I will make a bigger portion. My daughter was greedily asking for 2nd and 3rd helpings. Thanks so much for sharing this with me my dear friend.
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  1. that sponge cake looks really good. :)

  2. Wow this cake looks so soft and delicious, you won't believe but I made a cake like this yesterday, as always I changed some ingredients hi hi :)

  3. Wow..Beautiful..and nice..Congratulation..:-)

  4. Love your Japanese sponge cake, can you share the recipe please?

  5. Love to try the japanese sponge cake,can share the recipi

  6. Love to try, can share the recipi?..

  7. hi can share the recipe for this sponge cake?


  8. Sorry, I can't share this as it is given by a friend.

  9. Love to try, can share the recipi?..


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