Friday, March 13, 2009

Picking up pieces

After a major accident that resulted me losing half of my Precious Moments. I was feeling really rejected. Strangely I didn't go into an angry mode. Instead of crying over spilled milk, I was feverishly trying to find back all my past postings especially those with tried and tested recipes. It is extremely a slow process but it is slowly picking up the pieces. I won't be expecting a full recovery though. Usually I will be so heart broken that I will break into tears. I will picked up the phone and ring hubby telling him the "crisis" at home. I am relatively surprised by my own behaviour. This time, no drama at all. In fact, I took it really cool. Guess C is right, this will gives me a better reason to try even more recipes. hahahah.. SD was really sweet and forwarded me some of my postings he collected from my blog. Thanks so much SD. Anyway, despite my best effort to "locate" all my past history. I couldn't really do much at this point of time except to resign to fate. Whatever it is, this is the SECOND time such stupidity strikes me. I really have to practise the Golden Rule. Back up!!!!!! Since I can't turned back the clock, I will have to move on. Life is too short for me to mull over it. I better focus my energy on somewhere else.
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  1. Re-vamping a blog is really hard work. I too am not a technical junkie and tweaking my blog really makes me hopeless. Regardless what state your blog is right now...I would definitely still be coming back for your wonferful posts :)

  2. Just wondering, how did you back up your blogs? Sorry if it sounds stupid. But, I would like to know. Thanks :-)

  3. Thanks anne for the support.

    Charmaine, what I do is that I saved my blog entries in my hard disk.


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