Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not again

Yeap, I baked cuppies again!!!! Seriously I really enjoyed baking them and I wish I can baked them even in smaller cuppies. heheheheh... I love anything in small packages.

This time round, I done a batch for a forum gathering. I have already missed twice so I can't bear myself to miss yet another round.

It was so a wonderful feeling to have the name matched to a face. That is why it is so interesting. It is like pen pals meeting for the first time. Nervous? Heart pounding? Nah, I didn't go for a blind date but to meet a group of wonderful ladies that we have been sharing baking and cooking knowledge for the past months. For some, the sharing was so unconditional that it touches my heart and I thank you.

I also had a chance to meet some really amazing kind hearted people. To me, these are "strangers" who came forward to help me. So sometime, when you get to meet the ugliest and the most nasty ones, somehow somewhere, HIM up there will send some beautiful angels to soften the hurt. Isn't that great?

Anyway, here is a batch of cuppies which I was testing out a new recipe (hehehe as I mentioned before, I like to surprise my guest as well as myself, so I always had my "first" to welcome my friends) and I was glad that it was well received. In fact, many of them told me to make this my "official" recipe for Cupcake Fantasies.

Thanks gals for the panel tasting. heheheheheheh.....

Pardon the sloppy job on the piping as I was rushing to be on time.

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