Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No smile?

When I was young, I remembered having pen pals. I couldn't believe when G, my good old classmate told me that she is still in touch with her pen pal. I found that truly amazing. Now with modern time, we have got cyber friends instead. Guess because of the instaneous communication, we tend to share more about our interest, our likes and dislikes. We get to choose friends that are of similar interests in forums and blogs. We get to know each other faster in that aspect. Through it, I found many firm friendships that based on trust. Of course I have my fair share of heart aches but life goes on. Sometime it works out beautifully and sometime it doesn't. The world of food blogging is amazing. Actually I learnt a lot from recipes that were shared, food styling and photography except writing style. That is something that I can't do well. I don't know how to make it more interesting or captivating. My photography isn't that great though I have improved. I have seen bloggers that improved in heaps and bounds over the years. They are really talented. So when my fellow foodie blogger heard that I am now into pau making and didn't quite get THE recipe. Some have showed me the way "to a good recipe". Thus here is another attempt. Still no smile but tasted much better than the first. Meanwhile I will still continue to experience till I find the THE pau. hahahaha Thanks to those who sent me links and recipes via emails. I will respect your decision to keep those recipes confidential. Photobucket
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  1. I'm also in contact with my penpal that I got to know since 1988! ;-)

    Writing for my blog is my weakest point too and I'm now considering whether I should stop writing for good.

    the pao skin looks very fluffy and yummy! I also hope that you'll find THE recipe too, then I supposed I'll have some homemade pao to eat when I go back to SG? heehee...!

  2. Hi Edith,
    I love your japanese sponge cake. Wud love to try it myself, mind sharing the recipe?
    Rgds - mima


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