Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I had a sms two days ago to say that my daughter's godma will be in town. Boy, am I happy to see EB. I befriended EB while we were working in the fashion industry. She is a very hardworking girl and I just love the way she handled stuff. She is someone who dare to speak her mind and yet tactful enough for other's respect. I still remember her first pregnancy. Now her two kids are all grown up and I am still struggling with two tiny tots. hahaha... That is the benefit of starting young. Whenever EB is in town, it was also a very hurried one. There isn't time for much catching up. Despite her invitation to Jakarta for a visit, I simply don't find the opportunity to do it. Bad isn't it? Well perhaps after son's PSLE, we might make a trip up. Good to allow my daughter to spent sometime with her godma. With the kids at home creating so much noise, I seriously have to mood to plan for dinner. Thus we will be dining out at a nearby restaurant. I did find time to bake her some cuppies. With the help of my daughter's we crafted out some mini rose buds. My daughter is in charge of the leaves and I think she is getting really good at it. . Let's hope godma likes it. Photobucket
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