Saturday, March 07, 2009

Just like that ...

I have known CK when she was only 19. How time flies, she has blossom to become a mother to now a teenage daughter, C. Though she is a few years younger than me, we clicked on extremely well.

I remembered we spent our younger days partying like crazy. Now as we had grown, we mellowed down to quiet dinners, tea and just a glass of wine or two (or should I say bottle).

From a young adult, C has developed to become a really glamorous lady. Perhaps being a young mom has more energy to nurture a child than me.

Thus to all my friends and readers, please start young. It definitely has its peaks especially when you go shopping with your kid. *wink*


C is a great philosopher, to be exact; I really think she has this maturity beyond her years. I guess it is because she is an old child. LOLz.

I like her insights on how to deal with my son. I like her reasoning thoughts. In fact, I found her way of bringing up a child really cool and totally out of the box.

A good example and deeply ingrained on me was she won't call assessment books by subjects, she gave them names, so that her daughter won't feel it is a stress to do that but rather like having "dates" with her friends.

Her daughter is also showing maturity beyond her age. She is very sensible and just like her mommy, going to turn out to be a fine young lady.

Nevertheless, we haven't have dinner together for quite some time and was nice to have her over for a cook out session. While we went out dicing, slicing and sipping wines, we were laughing over little things in life. My daughter was having a good time too, helping out.

Though a small dinner affair, it was filled with lots of laughter, joy and most importantly love.

Cheers to you C, to friendship that meant so much to me.

Thanks for dinner mate, we must definitely do this more often.

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