Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another reunion

Since I discovered Facebook in early Dec, I wanted to find out whether I can hooked up with many of my secondary school mates. The power of cyberworld is truly amazing. In fact, I was able to trace friends and also allow some whom I lost touch with more 27 years ago to trace me back!!! Anyway, throughout my 32 days of medical leave, I spent a great deal of time tracing many school mates from a spin off that SP, MC and AL spearheaded - a reunion for class 82. I was juggling between resting, cookie doughs, sifting out between junks and treasure and finding storage for them, calling, emailing and tracking down the class of 82. The joy of hearing their voices on the phone. For some, even reminded me of my "naughty" days (mmm I always thought that I am a good girl) hahaha. AL once said to me that I looked the same. Still small, still have short hair. KK said I still have that loud and "fierce" voice. hahahaha... Boy their memory is awesome. I was really looking forward to this day and this sentiment was shared with by many when I contacted them. The IJ spirit in all of us never changed. We are still close knitted. Somehow, we know each other from one class to the other, there isn't any boundary to begin with. Come to think about it, our class size is not that big and there isn't many classes in each level. In my year, there are only 5 classes. Now my son's level has 7 classes! and I thought we are falling in birth rates, LoLz. After co-ordinating the menu for the potluck, I was starting to toy with the idea of having a fondant covered cake to reflect the IJ spirit. After chatting with R, I got more encouragement to do it. Actually, for a personal goal this year, I was hoping to do more whole cakes. Afterall, I need to "practise" on what I have learnt right? Then again, I was also worried that I couldn't make it on time as CL also ordered a batch of cuppies for her friend's hen night. Thankfully, I was able to finish both on time. Photobucket As for the fear of baking a whole cake, I guess I really got to start from somewhere to begin with. So here I am .... working hard for the last two days to achieve this. Photobucket I am pleased to know that it was a hit at the reunion and they all love the cake. Now, looking forward to our next celebration. GL was suggesting a 30th anniversary. I think the idea is awesome.
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  1. hi dear..

    i really like the antatomy symbol cup cakes! i want to bake it on my 5th is very cute..

    ok.. this is the first time i do cup cakes.. mind to share cupcakes recipies and the colourful (i think they call it icing sugar)..?

    please email me at


    thanks.. thanks alot..

  2. Hi wawa,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    You can use any of your favourite cake recipe as the cupcake base.

    I don't icing but more on buttercream as I find it less sweet.

    Good luck.

  3. u make the antatomy symbol yourself cupcakes???

    its really creative...!

    what bout women and boy design? its made from?

  4. Hi, I saw the beautiful cupcakes. Do you bake for others? I am a lousy baker but next sun we are celebrating my 2 kids birthday, age 2 & 5. Thinking something special for their birthday party.


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