Thursday, January 29, 2009

Never can take the spirit out of us

Since I discovered facebook late last year, I started to locate all my long lost secondary school mates. Yah, since we left school back in the 80s, I haven't seen most of them for a good 27 years. To be honest, the day I found out that my yearbook went missing, I felt a sense of lost as memories within that 4 grey walls left a deep deep impression of many wonderful moments for me and it was slipping away. I am so proud of my school and I bet all of us felt the same way. The spirit among us is simply awesome. We had so many happy and hilarious moments that even now, when we talked about it, always left us laughing and smiling. JWM and FML were back for the festive period. Yeap, they couldn't make it for the reunion late next month so we decided to have a little tea time chat on 2nd day of Lunar New Year. We had such a blast, GL whom I known since primary school still looks the same. JWM still as cool as before and FML, love that bubbly personality!!! Couldn't believe how time flies. It was so fun catching up and reminising the good old days. Anyway, FML is leaving this weekend, thus she arranged for another get together at her place. Not bad, despite her tight schedule, she is providing dinner for all of us. This time round, we managed to gather CLC and VC. Since the time I heard about French Pear Tart and its gotten really good review (Baking from my home to yours), what better way than to share it with good old friends. Unfortunately, I got a feel that I burnt the crust. I was rushing through the baking process as son's teacher just rang to update me on his progress. Well, what news do you think I received? So in the midst of baking and finding all his lost worksheets and also to prepare the second stage of the pie. I overlooked the temperature. Darn... too late. Photobucket Personally I find that I over handled the dough and I will reduce the sugar the next round. The presentation to create that lovely pear fan was a clumsy and failed experience for me. Actually the presentation didn't do justice to the taste. It was good and knowing that the girls love it, puts a smile on my face.
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