Sunday, December 28, 2008

Settling down

Yes, we have moved once again. The little kampong life is over for us and we are now back to the city living again.

It was an extremely good two years (nearly). My kids enjoyed it tremendously and we love the clean crisp air, the greenery that surrounds us and the birds chirping away that welcome us each and every morning.

All our friends who have visited enjoyed themselves and the numerous numerous of BBQs we had with good company were fantastic. It was simply going to be an unforgettable experience.

Though the experience was good but my dream, upon a time, wanting a little garden become less and less an ideal one. We now realised that staying on landed has it prones. I detest the creepy crawlies that I have to watch out everytime I set foot outside the house and sometimes, that croaky thing gives me such a scare as they venture into my household!!!! or sometime finding a cozy corner in my shoes! Now I realised that having an outdoor area is no longer as appealing to me as before.

Like some of our friends' wives, they too prefered high rise living so this time round, we opted to stay on the highest level. LOLz.

The view is spectacular especially in the night. Though we will miss our garden, I intend to convert the little area outside into a little paradise. Now let's hope indoor plants work well here.

Perhaps one fine day, I can have a skylight garden. hehehheh... wishful? As what my better half always said, nothing is impossible.

I will be heading for the hospital in two days' time. So let me take this opportunity to wish all my friends, relatives and family a Healthy and Joyous year.

Also wanted to thank my readers for the continuing support for this little humble blog of mine. It has created a little santuary for me as well as extending another year of friendship that I have found through it.

Though it might be a tough year ahead, I am sure we all will overcome it some way or another.

God Bless.
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