Friday, October 12, 2007

girly luncheon

Last weekend, I was down at a girly gathering. F just completed her working stint in Japan and it was a good excuse for a get together. Afterall, all the girls took up her invitation to visti her over there except me. This is also a luncheon that F said they "owe" me as they couldn't celebrate my birthday back in Jan as F had to leave. That is so F as she is always good with her promises. HONOURING it despite even it is 10 months later! Initally I wanted to bring something sweet as D is demonstrating how to do dumplings, F is bringing 3 cup chicken. P & J combined effort to whipped up Mee Siam (I just realised that these two ladies don't know how to cook despite their mom was a good baker and cook). Anyway, the luncheon was really enjoyable with lots of catching up. YW dropped by later and share with me her baking experience which I am going to attempt it sometime later. Since the dumpling was really nice and light, I decided to replicate another batch for my family. Is this Taiwanese Dumpling? I have got no clue? As I have forgotten to ask D about it who is a Taiwanese and now she is in Beijing for three weeks but I shall call it Dap's Dumpling then. Photobucket Labels: Snacks Posted by Precious Moments @ 6:53 PM :: (0) comments
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