Thursday, August 23, 2007

All went so smoothly except ...

Today is my little princess 5th birthday. She wanted a fairy theme for her birthday. I got her a pair of wings and a headdress. She is happily "flying"  around in the garden.

As I didn't want to give candies as goodie bags, a friend M suggested that I give my cuppies instead. Begining of the week, mommy got herself really busy crafting out "fairies". It actually took me two days to produce 18 "fairies" and 8 racing cars. (as there are 14 girls and 8 boys in her class) Prior to that, I started to browse through the net for inspiration. While moulding the fairies, it suddenly strike me how exactly fairies look like. Got my son to find books on fairies and guess what, none looks like mine. :( The racing car was inspired by a book that C loan me.

Nevertheless, my kid is happy with the outcome and guess what, mommy too. I didn't expect myself to pull through this one. I got very positive responses from the teachers and those mommies who happened to see my pet project. Really been very motivating for me.

I saw e's joie's give away cookies and thought it will be a good excuse for me to put my new set of minnie and mickey cookie cutters to good use. Afterall, I have acquired this last year (I think) and never really got a chance to using it. I baked these in the middle of the night before the party and believe me, surviving on 4 hours of sleep the night before trying to fix my blog, it was really stressful as I dropped quite a few onto the floor while transferring them after freshly baked from the oven.

This recipe is keeper as the smell from the oven during baking is simply divine! But I feel it is a little too sweet for my taste bud. Will reduce the sugar the next round.


 Next I got my daughter involved in her own birthday "cake". I wanted her to be part of the giving process so she helped me with this one. Happy Birthday my dear baby. On a side note, my day didn't end just there. After the school celebration, I rushed down to my son's school and went out shopping with him as it will be his birthday this weekend. A reward for his birthday as well as his term test. Also to pick up a present for my daughter. Went back to the kindergarten for my girl and again rushed down to the Immigration as I need to update her photograph in her passport. Sent my son up to queue for a queue number. Took me a good 1/2 hour under the hot sun, waiting for a parking lot (you won't believe how crowded the carpark was). After I heard from M about her waiting for a good three hours for the process. I diligently put up my two hours coupon. Went up and found my son out of the queue. They cannot accept my son as a representative. Luckily I don't have to queue again, if not, I will sure blow my top. Anyway, the officer told me that the day has been jam packed and they won't be accepting any more application. That is to say, I can't pick up the updated passport. I have to make another trip down again!!!!!!!! Next was off to the airport to pick up my hubby (yipee, my Krispy Kreme is coming home) and have a birthday celebration and yet another shopping trip for my kids. This time round, it is daddy's treat. *sorry dear, I do misses you badly too. Nevertheless, my day went by as planned and I am happy that my check list been cleared for the day except for that passport. arrrggghhhhh!
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  1. Hi,
    May i ask if u'll be able to share the cut out butter cookies? pls kindly email me with ur reply as i may miss checking the post. thks =)

  2. Hi ChezzyHeart, I am sorry that I can't share as the person who shared this recipe with me is selling this.

  3. Hi,
    May i ask if u'll be able to share the cut out butter cookies? pls kindly email me with ur reply as i may miss checking the post. thks =)


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