Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's go for a "walk"

I dislike lugging my kids to do grocery as I am constantly needs to remind them to behave. The bickering at times can drive me crazy. Being in public places, makes it even tougher for me to get my message across to them. The normal 1 hour routine can always end up like 2 hours. So it is a rare treat for the kids if I bring them grocery shopping alone. Since they behaved well yesterday, I promise them a trip to the supermarket as well as lunch. Saw some nice and cheap prawns, so decided to have Prawn Noodle for dinner as we haven't been eating this meal for a long time. Photobucket Also while we were at my kids' favourite meal joint, they were having this tattoo service for kids. Got my son do a cupcake tattoo ..... isn't it cool? I am so lousy with design that till now, I am still lacking a logo for my Cupcake Fantasies. Sigh, wish I have such talent to design one. *frown* or any kind soul out there who likes to help me out? Photobucket Posted by Precious Moments @ 10:20 PM :: (0) comments
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