Thursday, June 14, 2007

In a flash

I haven't been blogging lately. Not because I have lost interest but I was simply too caught up with the day to day happenings.

Been trying out as an assistant in a bakery for three days. Life was really fun. The feeling of going back to work and meeting people is exhualbant. I am making plans to incorporate some of the nice bakes from my friend into Cupcake Fantasies. Will keep you updated when it comes.

We also had a potluck dinner with my old neighbourhood. Initially I wanted to cook for all of them but missing their yummilious food so badly, I suggested pot luck instead. Sorry folks, I didn't have time to take pictures of Auntie L's Yam Abacus, SL's Petai Prawns, S's Almond Logan , A's Ice cream and Gourment Sausages from Auntie A. My contribution was Gingko Nut with Barley which in my opinion failed because I didn't removed the barley (a tip from all my nice aunties) and my mother in law's Curry Chicken which everyone said is sedap!
After, I have been fulfilling my commitment to Cupcake Fantasies. Tried my hand at some figurines for a safari theme. Did I pass?
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