Monday, October 30, 2006

When will be my turn

Started with a warm sunny morning. Instead of baking cookies as intended, I decided to bake Hokkaido Milk Bread that I found on this site.

To me, this sounded like a Japanese bread, I have this impression that it is a soft and fluffy milk loaf.

As my machine was doing its work quietly, it started to rain. Though it is a much welcome rain but I was about to bake bread!!!!

I needed warm in the kitchen to proof my dough! It didn't rise to double the volume as indicated so I needed another 20 mins or more, placing my dough near to my stove when I was preparing lunch. It works!!!

When the dough was all ready for me to shape. *blank* blank* blank*. I don't know why. Suddenly my mind went blank. Nothing absolutely no recollection how I have done mine in the past. Since a loaf is tall and nice but what cake pan should I use? Should I use a little flour when rolling?

Wanted to make into sausage rolls as my kids love them but I did such a bad job that after 4 rolls, I gave up and decided to turn it into small nutella buns instead.

Though I had so many hiccups along the way, this bread turned out to be really good. It is soft and fluffy and it tasted really nice.

Guess, I have to give this a try another time again.

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What you need

270g Bread flour
30g Cake flour
5g Dry active yeast
15g Milk powder
30g Sugar
4g Salt
1/2 Egg
125g Fresh milk
75g Whipping cream


Preheat oven to 170 degree. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl.

Knead until dough is elastic, smooth, non-sticky and leave from sides of mixing bowl. Cover with a damp towel and allow the dough to ferment until double in size, about 60 minutes.

I took longer than this timing as perhaps the weather was cool.

Take out the dough and punched out the gas.

Divide it into 4 portions. Round up and let rest for about 20 minutes.

Roll each dough out and roll up and place loaf pan.

After shaping, let the dough rise up about 10 mins.

Brush with egg wash.

Bake for about 15 - 20 minutes.
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  1. god!it looks so yummy! i love milk bread!!!!

  2. i'm so impressed with your bread baking abilities! Everything you bake looks so delish and perfect!z

  3. *blush, blush* thanks so much for your encouragements. Without them, I don't think I will be trying and trying.

    Give this recipe a try becoz it remains soft even after the next day

    Or visit the site. It has many great recipes.

  4. edith, dun know about that blank, blank, blank thingy, but your bread rolls sure look perfectly light and soft!

  5. hahah thanks Eatzycath! I will bake you a loaf if you are interested.

  6. hi, wat to know is it typing error for salt where u type as 4 only? or it should be 4g?


  7. Thanks Doris for pointing out to me. Really appreciated it.

  8. Hi,

    i am new to baking. i wanted to try bake this milk bread but i only have the normal baking oven. may i know is it possible to bake this bread if i buy the loaf tin?
    thanks! =)

    Wei Lin


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