Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Though not listed as a healthy food, once awhile, my family will indulge ourselves. So for tonight's dinner, I wanted to replicate the taste of Char Kway Teow but instead of using kway teow (flat noodle), I decided to use bee hoon as an alternative. Very often, I asked myself why can't Singapore manufacture these kway teow with much lesser oil. I have tried those available in Vietnam and it was wonderful. This is my first time buying chinese sausages. I always shunned away from them because of the high fats content. I am very selective in chinese sausages and only eat those that are lean and has that "wine" taste in them. Anyway, I chanced upon something similar in a supermarket and decided to give it a try. Verdict, good and at a reasonable price. The result of my dinner, I was so close to creating Char Bee Hoon with a Kway Teow taste. *wink* Photobucket
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  1. I never thought of using bee hoon before. Good idea!

    Coincidentally, I made char kway teow on Monday since the husband is out of town. I used dried kway teow from Vietnam. I wonder if that's what you're referring to? I don't make this dish very often, only when the craving strikes. Like you, I'm worried about the artery clogging lup cheong(chinese sausage) and general oiliness of the dish.


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