Saturday, August 26, 2006

Goes with the flow

I took KH's advice of celebrating my son's 9th birthday at home instead of doing one in the school. I reckoned it will be fuss free because he is only inviting 3 friends as I doubt I can handle any more boys at home but his party turned out to have 12 attendees including us and my sister's family. Anyway, I planned a hassle free menu that includes Ragu Bolognese Pasta, baked nuggets, fish balls with cucumber, sausages with cheese cubes, peach jelly, green salads, lots of chips and sweets and a wonderful bowl of watermelon coctail that the kids love (thanks to hubby's creativity, he turned it into a bowl that the kids can digged in). With the help from my hubby and nephew, we got the party ready way before the guests arrived at 1pm. Thanks guys. I even have time to do freshly baked cupcakes. Such a bliss. Since my son is not a big fan of cream, with the help from my sister, we managed a really simple design for him. Photobucket Seeing the number 9 candle makes me realised that my son is growing up fast.
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