Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Into Korean

Okay okay, it is not because of Da Chang Jin that I am crazy over Korean stuff.

I have got some Korean ginseng that hubby brought home during one of his business trip. As I don't know know how else to use this ginseng, I left it sitting in the freezer.

Recently I chanced upon Marg's recipe on this chicken dish. Though I have tried it once before, courtesy from KC who handcarried pre packed ones for me but according to him, that one didn't taste as good as those they had before.

I always wanted to prepare this dish myself. As I was caught up with two meetings in my son's schol in preparation for the August fund raising. So, this is a good night to have it as it is an one pot dish.

Here is our Ginseng Chicken Soup with Glutinous Rice. Mine is a little thick as I added more rice to it. Afraid that if I based it accordingly to the recipe, it won't fill up the tummy.

Let's hope hubby likes it and hopefully it will be the same as those he had eaten.


What you need

6 chicken parts (tighs, breast, or drums)
10 red dates (remove seeds)
1 5cm long ginger
100g glutinous rice
4 tbsp shaoxing wine
15 cups water


Rinse chicken, drain well and season with wine. Set aside for half an hour.
Wash and drain glutinous rice

Put red dates, ginger and rice into water.

Bring to boil and add in chicken parts.

Bring to further boil for 1/2 hour over high heat.

Reduce to low heat for 45 mins till rice is soften.

Season with salt and pepper.

Serve hot.
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