Monday, July 17, 2006

Bringing back memories

The last time I had Vietnamese Spring Rolls was ages ago. I wanted this for a long long time but just couldn't gathered all the ingredients and blame it on my poor memory, it is either one or two missing items.

This dish is something that is really close to my heart. This was first taught to me by TL who has since left Singapore.

A young man left home to start a career in a foreign land. He was very good in preparing Vietnamese dishes like crab, spring rolls, and many more. I enjoyed my time working together with him.

Although he was raised in Australia, his parents never allowed him to forget his roots.

He has since become a Vegetarian but before I had a chance to learn more, I was told that he left Singapore for good. The departure was sudden and I never got a chance to bade farewell.

Though this is not the perfect roll (lack of practise) but it is definitely really good especially with the dip (sorry didn't take any picture because I was running late for dinner).

Thanks T for teaching me this dish, Vietnamese Spring Roll which I love so much.

Wherever you are, all the best.


What you need:

Prawn (deveined)
Lean pork
Mint leaves Basil leaves
Bean sprout Glass noodles (cooked)
Lettuce Rice paper


Steam prawns and pork. Once it is done.

set aside the prawns and sliced the pork.

Wet rice paper with damp cloth.

Place the lettuce, basil leaves, mint leaves, prawns, pork slice, glass noodle.

Wrap like a spring roll.

For the dipping sauce

What you need:

4 Chillies
1 lemon juice
8 cloves of garlic
Sugar Water
Fish sauce


Crushed chilles and garlic Mix them with lemon juice

Add sugar and water (adjust according to your preference)

Lastly mix in fish sauce
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  1. Edith, yoour post makes me feel home sick right now. :) Your rice paper rolls look really nice, very similar to the ones we have in Vietnam.

    Which sauce did you eat them with? In the north of Vietnam, we normally dip in nuoc cham. In the central/south, the dipping sauce is made from peanuts.

    BTW, I made the Tau Sar Piah from your recipe. Real nice. It was my first attempt with CHinese Pastry and it worked. :)

  2. Hi White Poplar, thanks for the compliment but I still think I didn't roll it well. My dip is nuoc cham and it is wonderful. I love it.

  3. Hi Edith, I think you rolled well already. Did you use the dry paper roll? (Meaning that you have to soften them in water before rolling).

    In Vietnam, the paper roll is more elastic so easier to roll up. We normally fry the spring rolls made from these as well. I actually found a shop in Melbourne that sells the "fresh" and elastic type of rice paper. Gotta try out soon.

  4. Hi,

    Your home made vietnamese rice paper rolls looks great and I would think you rolled it very well.

    May I know where can I get the rice paper in Sg? I have been trying to look for it.

    May be you would like to share your recipe here too?


  5. Anh, I got my rice paper directly from Vietnam. I did wet the paper a little before rolling. The last trip, my hubby also brought back some fresh ones but I forgotten to put it in the fridge and all harden up
    Yes, those in Viet is definitely more elastic. I am also going to ask him to bring back those "net" type for me.

    Rachael, you can get rice paper in Isetan supermarket or at certain cold storage. Only S$2/pkt.


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