Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A fresh start

Sorry, I went back on my words and haven't been really blogging as much as I wanted to. This time, because I really have nothing to talk about or show as I wasn't even active in the kitchen! I have been going on a roller coaster ride minding my son during this school break. Parenting is not just about making sure the kids are well fed, well washed and well cared for. It has so much mind boogling issues with regards to character building etc and so often we are threading on very fine line between "can" and "cannot". To distract myself from getting more stressful dealing with such sensitive human to human relationship, I decided to focus on something that is nice and challenging for me. That is to revamp my blog. This task is not easy for me as some of you are aware that I am a total IT nerd. I went through lots of trial and errors. Pros as I am totally distracted from the happenings around me. Cons, I need to figure out those css codes that are endless!! But it kept my troubled mind away from reality. At least for awhile. During this time, I also asked myself should I continue blogging or should I just give up. It definitely given me lots of joy in writing down my precious moments and sharing some of the knowledge that I acquired during this learning path. It definitely renew my world of literary as well as enriching my two passions (baking and photography). It definitely help me to find many new friends that have been so supportive and encouraging. It definitely finds me lots of joy when I am able to exchange and share this passion with others and most importantly, being connected with my dearest husband who travels often. In reality, it doesn't always make up of kind and beautiful people. I was told that in cyber world that the ugly aspect of mankind is always present. Not one day, I think that I will be in the path of such. Unfortunately, I had a brush with such characters, someone who try to destroy a little homemaker's dream in using her passion to earn a little pocket money. Someone who tries to "take down" something that I have been so passionate about. Well, to say I am not affected is totally untrue, I went through the usual motion of feeling angry, betrayed and gradually I accepted that I cannot get such rodent(s) out of the system unless I stop blogging. After discussing with my hubby, I decided to bravely faced the world again because this is just one or two extremely tiny person out there who want(s) to put me down but I have the support of many many BIGGER heart people who appreciate and love me. No words will be able to hurt me anymore because my passion and love around me has toughen me up. Maybe I have finally grow up and matured to take on this. So I am BACK!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your new blog. And welcome back to blogging again. :)


  2. The way to handle cyber rats is to come back bigger and better than before. Welcome back!


  3. WELCOME BACK!!!! :) Dont worry about those pests, usually they are people who dont have a life and the only time they feel "important " is when they attack under the cover of anonimity. In real life all of them are LOSERS!!!

  4. Edith, Thanks for choosing to come back. I enjoy reading ur blogs. I totally agree with u that those css codes and all are a headache. =) Am still trying out with my blog too.. =)

    Gracio aka Grace (KC)


  6. Thank you for sharing your precious moments edith. Be strong n happy always.

    siti (fila)

  7. Welcome back! I, too have seen a couple of ugly pple ard. All I can say is, it really takes time to know one. Stay happy, okie?

  8. Welcome back! I missed your blog!


  9. hellooooo....great that you are still blogging and I can still read it!! Keep up the good work and hope your venture does well - lots of hugs - ^_K

  10. Welcome back Edith... *big hugs*


  11. Welcome back! :)

    Missed your blog


  12. Thanks for choosing to come back. Love your blog and your lovely cupcakes creation.

    Ange ( vegiemite @ KC)

  13. it's great you're back. i tot i would never be able to read ur cooking blog again. i just wanna express my support here, "no matter wat happened, don't let it kill ur spirit!"

    can't wait for more cooking adventures.


  14. Edith, thanks for deciding to continue blogging. I've always loved visting your blog.


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