Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A heavy downpour again

A sudden heavy downpour rained on us while we were waiting for my son to finished his Chinese Cultural Club CCA. Initially, I planned to bring them to Toa Payoh for dinner but with this rain, I decided to head home instead. I have promised the kids that we will have pizza one of the nights. Better get it done or else I will be chided by the kids for not honouring my words. My son chose the topping this time round. He also got very much involved in the whole process of dressing up this Sausage and Ham Pizza. I think he is growing up fast and hopefully be independent enough to at least prepare something decent for himself if I am not around. Photobucket
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  1. Love pizza too!!! Yummylicious!! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your DS!!! :)

  2. Hi there .. stumbled across ur blog... I love it. There is one major coincidence though. we both have pizza as our latest posts. what r the chances...gosh. Great blog, and again love it.


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