Monday, April 03, 2006

Black out

I was busy at my computer trying to locate a buttercream frosting that Zu had done when suddenly total darkness. After 9 long years of staying in my wonderful estate, of all nights, it chose tonight to have a black out while hubby just left town. I fumbled for my torchlight and found that the battery has died. Thank goodness, new batteries are stored nearby and in place. I reload it and went searching in the dark for my circuit breaker. After several tries at shutting down and reactivating my circuit breaker, still no lights. Nothing was wrong, I kept wondering why coz' I didn't plug in any new appliances. I checked into my neighbour's home and found strangely that it was dark too. Then I realised that half the building was dark. Luckily, I already done my cupcakes and was thinking of dressing it up with frosting in the night. Or else, I would have half baked cupcake for breakfast tomorrow. Phew! Here is my "naked" chocolate cupcake cone. Photobucket Lights came back on an hour later. In between, I got to pull out and changed the sheets because my little princess was coughing so badly that she puked in her bed. I didn't get to bed till 2ish and was so afraid that I over slept that I kept waking every hour to check, just in case I missed sending my little prince to school. What a night!
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