Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Peace at last

Image hosting by Photobucket Initially I was supposed to go to Tibet but due to communication problem, my friend left without me. Just needed so much to get away from my kids. Not that I don't love them but I really need to have some peace. My hubby was nice to take time off his busy schedule to accompany me on this trip. Packed our bags and joined my sister and brother in law in Bangkok for 4 days. On our first night, we went to this awesome place where they served German beer and German tweaked Thai cuisine. The place was packed with locals and it was really nice. Besides good food, there is also a band and singers to entertain us. What I like best was it followed by a short story on how the owner started this restaurant and how beer is being brewed on site. For the rest of my holidays, it was packed down with local food. I love the oyster omelette at MBK. In fact, we love it so much that we had it twice before we leave for home. Another nice cafe that we went, my hubby called it Thai style fast food. The food is unique, at an unbelieving cheap price and yet good. I doubt it is available in any Thai restuarants in Singapore because it is really a local fare. The next great place that hubby brought us to, is this Chinese Seafood restaurant that served really nice seafood in Thai style. The only set back is that I didn't get a chance to taste the fried morning glory as they ran out of stock. I wasn't able to take pictures as we were dining with hubby's business friend. It was really nice to have no kids bickering and seeking your attention for pure four days. We spent our time shopping and eating. Besides my foot injury which I cannot walk too much or too fast and my dear hubby's having his phone pickpocketed, overall, I had a nice time and my kids were delighted with so many presents that we brought home.
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