Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cutting down on red meat

My neighbour just given me some nice spicy dish which she got no name for the dish. Since the kids cannot have that for dinner, I decided to cook a dish with more sauce to go with the rice. This week, I am trying not to cook too much red meat. In fact, I bought lots of fishes for this week's consumption. Got some nice fish fillet, why not a Sweet and Sour Fish for my kids. Photobucket I also did a Lotus Root Soup. I think the saying is really true, practise makes perfect. Now I am able to gaudge how much water to use, how long I should brew it and the heat used for making a nice bowl of soup. But I can only stick to the same old pot when making soup (hahaha). Photobucket
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  1. Wah..wonderful healthy spread! I love sweet & sour!!! :)

  2. it all depends on what kind of het u r using ? gas, electric or coal ? usually it takes about minimum 2 hrs simmering to render flavour from ingredient to the soup. Then leave them soaking and reheat b4 eating / drinking....

  3. based on my family tradition, our min brewing time is 4 hours with the right heat for soup. will try out your method.

  4. The soup is the best you have done so far!!


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