Thursday, December 15, 2005

My own creation

Since beef pie is one of my hubby's favourite and I remembered during one of our holiday in Australia, he can have it everyday. With my kind of standard, it is hard for me to replicate something similar so I decided to do one based on my own creation.

I used Lin Lin's pie crust recipe as the base and improvise the top with the yukon potatoes that I bought the other day. I read that Yukon Potatoe makes the best potatoe mash and it is so true and now I present you Edith's Beef Pie.

Verdict: Don't know why my pie crust base is soggy. Next time, I will semi bake it before I put in the fillings. Overall, it is tasty.

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  1. That looks real good, nice creation!

  2. really creative and bold of you!

  3. really creative and bold of you!


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