Monday, December 26, 2005

Is Santa coming tonite?

Merry Christmas to all my visitors! As a tradition for the past couple of years.

I always gathered round my immediate family to have a dinner on Christmas eve. I am not someone who likes routine even though it is only once a year.

I love to rotate my theme for each year. So this year, my theme is Japanese. I started off with lots of planning.

It is so easy to go to a Japanese restaurant and order my favourites. Preparing Japanese food is something new to me. I didn't even know how to do a good miso soup, it is not about just adding miso paste I found out.

Thanks to Joshua who has shared valuable tips with me. So here is my Christmas spread.

Miso soup with beancurd, mushrooms and wakame. (unfortunately no picture)

Cold soba

Sushi platter, wanted to have California roll but my avocado didn't ripen on time.

Hubby only captured these two platters, I wonder who happened to the rest. This ones, my family has a hands on experience.

Tempura platter, I lost my tempura recipe so didn't know how to do the batter portion and also I got cheated by the fishmonger on the size of the prawns.

My grilled items, Yakitori and Asparagus with bacon.

Sorry, pre grilled only.


Initially, wanted to have Katsu Don (my hubby's favourite) but I ran out of time and only managed to have Tonkatsu instead.

Last of all. Dessert: Green tea milk jelly, coffee jelly, red bean mochi and my Christmas Fruit cake.

My disaapointment was my green team milk jelly because I didn't have sufficient time to really set the jelly and my coffee jelly without whipped cream (poor time management). (oops, hubby was too busy tucking into his dinner that he forgotten to capture my coffee jelly)

But overall, dinner was good and the party ended till countdown. This will be the last year my brother and family will be joining us.

Though I am sad (going to miss my little nephew) but yet I am happy for them. Same time next year, they will have a chance to be able to experience a totally different Christmas ambience.

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone.
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  1. I'm a big fan of green tea flavor food stuffs e.g. cakes, candies, cookies, ice cream. My friend got me green tea powder from Japan and I'm still thinking what to make with it. Can you share recipe of green tea milk jelly ?

  2. Chumpman. Recently I lost half of my blog entries due to an error. I am in the midst of slowly replacing recipes and posts. Give me some time. Thanks.

  3. Sure, Edith. You take your time, I'll wait patiently


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