Thursday, November 03, 2005

Where is the sunset?

Today, we spent our time at the eastern side of Singapore. Before our dinner, we decided to go for a walk at the Western Changi Broadwalk (a 25 mins walk). This is my first as well as for the kids. Lately, the weather here has been rather nice and breezy so it is definitely a nice evening for a walk. A well maintained broadway and relatively easy for stroller too. Getting some sea breeze, counting those sailboats and stopping by to watch many anglers trying their luck for the day. Guess all these tires my little one as she fell asleep on our return trip. I was hoping to catch sunset, but not much luck as it was a cloudy day. Well, can't be too greedy as we were blessed by a fine evening. Image hosted by
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  1. hey, miss our S'pore scenery...see u making me miss home now!

  2. hehee... then come back for holiday. They lighted up Orchard Road today.


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