Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It is over

yipee yipee yipeeee, it is finally over. Boy am I relieved. Now let's pray he will do well. 

Tonite, as promised, we sat together and bake some chocolate cookies. He said he is going to bring to school and shared it with his classmates. I am wondering whether they will remained as a class or will they stream by next year as tradition.

 I really hope the school following the streaming tradition. Pri 2C is so well known to have so many hyper-active and special needs kids in ONE class.

 I really pity the form teacher and admired her for her tolerance and capability in maintaining sanity. I started off with really high spirit. After our wonderful Japanese dinner at the club, I rushed home and started the cookies making process. The kids too were in high spirits. But was totally disappointed in the output.

The first one, I chosen chewy chocolate chip. Son and I were happily scooping out the batter, with me telling him that this is going to be like those in Subway. Big chewy cookie.

 To my horror, in less than 5 mins, my cookies turned into a BIG SLAB cookie instead!!!! What choice do I have but to continue baking. I have yet to tried it out. Will post verdict tomorrow.

 The second choice was the Chocolate Mint cookie. Last weekend, we were down in Mustafa and I just grab a box of Andes Peppermint Chocolate as required in Florence's recipe.

 The presentation was okay but it was a far cry from Florence's cookies. As for taste wise, my hubby said it is powdery. Now now now.... I am wondering how that happened. (A day later) I know why..... cookies change their character once they cooled down.

 I love the bitter chocolate and a tinge of cooling after taste>. yum yum. 

Thanks Florence. Now I am one happy bird.
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  1. How fun! Those pairs of cute little hands. Glad that I will be seeing them soon. :)


  2. yeah I agree with min, cutie little hands at work :D

  3. awwww..... I am so touched.


  4. awwww..... I am so touched.



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