Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Skip school

My son skipped school today!!! A week after our holiday, my son's behaviour improved tremendously. I was so happy but my happiness was shortlived.

Starting this week, his old self seems to return. Was having a hard time getting him to function. Today, he refused to study, didn't get ready for school and I was so furious that I told him that since he is not interested in learning, then there isn't a need to go school. So he skipped school!!!!

With such low mood, I just didn't have the heart to prepare dinner. So it was just a fast and quick meal -Ham and Cheese Pizza.

Frozen crust with bottled pizza sauce. I added Colby and Mozzarella cheese. Since my kids didn't really fancy tomatoes, I diced it. Thinking that they will have a hard time removing it. Well, I was only half successful.

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