Friday, August 19, 2005


This drink is currently a hot favourite with my sister's family.

They have tried it in Malaysia and fallen in love with this refreshing drink.

As I don't have the habit of nibbling sour prunes, I have to "steal" a few from her to prepare this Sour Prune with Lime Juice.

Try it, you might love it too.


What you need

6 Sour prunes
3 Lemon or 6 Big Lime
Sugar syrup


Pour 1/2 cup boiling water into sour prunes. Soak for a few minutes till soften and water has cooled down.

Prepare lemon or lime juice.

Add syrup to juice and dilute according to your sweetness and liking.

Add sour prune water (together with prune) into the juice.

Stir and serve with ice.
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  1. Edith, looks so refreshing. Will be so shiok for summer. :)



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