Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Major Make Up

It is now 12am. Just in time for Kae's birthday.

Happy Birthday my little one!

I baked an Orange Chiffon Cake this afternoon.

The cake didn't rise nicely and it was a nightmare. I was trying to cut and paste so that it looks presentable. As my head was pounding so badly, I wasn't really in the mood to rebake.

Lots of trial and error and I spent the whole night doing rescue remedy as what I wanted it to be wasn't really materialising.

So after putting on a major make up for the cake..... da da...... finally I did this.


Let's hope the Kae will be excited when she sees this.
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  1. edith, very nice looking cake that you have made. Looks professional to me. Cool!


  2. Your cake looks so nice and pretty. You sure put a lot of work into Kae's cake. She'll love it. - lance

  3. VERY pretty Edith, I'm sure K will like it (I do!!) Btw what size cake tin did u use? Very neat and professional looking. _k

  4. I will feel like the luckiest girl in the world if I woke up seeing what my mummy has made me for my birthday! Well done, Edith!

  5. "Happy birthday" to little Kae. J"ob well done" to mummy.

  6. Happy Birthday to your little one, Kae. I am sure she would be excited to see the cake!


  7. Happy Birthday Kae! Your mommy made you a pretty cake!

  8. You have done it, Edith! Did u guys have a great bday party? I'm sure your next bday cake will also be a great success like this one :))

  9. Hi Edith,
    Nice and big cake!
    Happy Birthday to Kae!
    The icing is very nicely done!

  10. Thanks everyone. Without your encouragements, compliments and guidance, I will never be able to do this.


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