Friday, July 08, 2005

Very close?

As planned, I did a batch of Durian Pengat today.

For those who had tried Merchant Court Hotel Buffet. One of their signature dessert is this. To obtain the fragrant of this dessert, I choose palm sugar that is originated from Malacca.

Actually I modified this recipe to suit my taste. Had done this a few times and all my neighbours loved it.


What you need

350g durian puree
350g durian pulp
2 cups coconut milk
2 cups milk
160g palm sugar (shaved)
8 pandan leaves, knotted


Put milk, palm sugar and pandan leaves in a pot, simmer and stir till sugar melted.

Add durian puree and durian pulp and simmer gently for 15 mins.

Put in 1 cup of coconut milk.

When mixture boils, add in the remaining cup of coconut milk. Serve hot or cold.

Note: Personally, I prefer cold.

As for our dinner, we had Garlic Prawns and Scallops with Mashed Potatoes and Onion gravy. Salad is Capsicum with Balsamic vinegar.

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  1. where to get durian puree in s'pore?
    ~ m_s

  2. Hi M_S, you don't have to buy durian puree. Just blend durian pulp into puree.

    Try it cold.

  3. Wow Edith...I wished I was invited for dinner. All looks yummy including the main dinner! Your family so fortunate to have you. Thanks for sharing the pengat durian recipe, will try it out this weekend. Btw, did u use fresh santan or canned ones? _k

  4. Thanks K. I used fresh santan. Remember to use good gula maleka. Enjoy.

  5. thanks!
    350g puree and 300g pulp.. agak-agak how many durian? TIA.


  6. sorry M_S, i don't really know how many durian. Some durian are really fleshy but some only got a few seeds in them.

  7. okie.. thanks..

    one last Q.. when i puree durian in a blender, i need to add some water rite? or shd i use some milk instead? TIA.

    ~ m_s

  8. thanks a LOT.. really appreciate it!

    ~ m_s

  9. Hi there,
    May I ask why the recipe calls for 1/2 of the liquids to be milk rather than using all coconut milk? How would using all coconut milk affect the taste? And with coconut milk, do you use first press or with water added or do you just use canned coconut milk? Many thanks for your help!


  10. Hi thanks for this recipe. Just wondering if we can use all coconut milk rather than using cow's milk - will the omission of the cow's milk affect the taste?
    Also do you use first press coconut milk, or second press with water added or do you just use canned coconut milk?

    Many thanks,

  11. Hi ChrisHK, please feel to use coconut milk, this will definitely give a more fragrance but coz I don't like coconut milk thus the modification.

    You intensity of coconut milk really depends on your preference. You can do half first press and then another half with second press.


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