Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Golden Dragon?

As some of you are aware that I have been coughing for nearly a month. Have tried so many different medication till my aunt advise my mom to brew this for me, Five Golden Dragon Claw (五爪金龙).

My mom has checked with her Chinese Phyiscian but this herb apparently is not available in Singapore. My aunt got it through one of our relative.

Amazingly, after two doses of this drink, my cough has subsided and am feeling much better except for the phelgm.


What you need

3 bowl of water
15 pieces 五爪金龙
rock sugar to taste

Method Rinse 五爪金龙.

Add water to it and boil (at medium heat) for 1 1/2 hour.

Last 1/2 hour add sugar to taste.

Note: Once it reaches a little more than 3/4 bowl, the herb drink is done.

For child dosage: half the recipe.
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  1. Edith,

    How interesting. So the five golden dragon claws work better than the double boiled lotus root juice? I hope with a little more time, it clears up the phlegm as well. Let me know, as it's good to have around, instead of that cough syrup the doctor gives, which doesn't seem to work anyways. I hope we have it here. -lance

  2. I had the five golden dragon to curb the cough and then the lotus root juice to curb my phelgm.

    Seems to work. I am much better already.

  3. I will ask my aunt to get more the next round she goes to visit my relative. I will mail some to you. Do you think can clear custom?

  4. Edith,

    Ohhhh, I have no idea if it'll clear customs. Probably not, since it's not packaged and sealed. There's a lot of Chinese herb stores here. I think they would carry it. Thank you very much for your offer. -lance


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