Sunday, July 24, 2005

Farm outing

Today, we brought the kids to visit a fish farm and a nursery. We had lunch at Bollywood Veggies. Initially, when I read the write up of this place, my impression is that it will be nice to have lunch and impart some education to the kids at the same time. Unfortunately, we were pretty disappointed. Food is nothing to shout about and service is hardly there. Maybe the price is also steep, for S$3, you only get 4 pieces of nuggets. They also charge S$2 per adult to view their "farm". Lots of banana trees and guava trees, only certain trees or plants are labelled. Other trees and plants are either dried up or "scattered". Not taking into consideration that overgrowns grass and weeds are everywhere. In fact, personally, I feel that the place is pretty badly maintained. Photobucket After such disappointment, we drove to our next destination and got some tropical fishes to bring home. Next we visited a nursery, we saw so many different types of herbs that now, my fingers are itching to grow them at home. Wanted to buy a pot of sweet basil but it was so loaded with red ants that my hubby refused to have it in the car. We were able to identify some herbs that we saw in Bollywood Veggie over at this farm. On our way back, we swing by the Kranji War Memorial. Took the opportunity to impart some history to our 8 year old. Photobucket
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  1. wow! what a fun-filled day. =)



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