Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Say cheez

Being Asian, and beside Kraft Cheddar Cheese, I was never exposured to other form of cheese when I was little. I remembered my very first encounter with cheese (non Kraft cheese) was at this restaurant in Marco Polo Hotel.

I was dinning with a French customer and having a good time when a gush of wind nearly blown me off my chair. Initially I thought it was him who cannot control (you know what).

Then I realised that, that smell was actually from a trolley and in it, was a wide variety of different types of cheese. Gosh, it was really a turnoff.

It was in my clubbing years and at one of those wine drinking sessions that I rediscovered cheese.

A wine bar that serve really smelly cheese but yet tasted so awefully good. I got hooked to it. I cannot recall the name of that cheese but according to the waiter, it was specially imported for the club.

Few years ago, I chanced upon it in Switzerland. This little restaurant was located in one of the mountain top that is only accessible by a tram ride. We had two big trays to go with our wine!!! Yum yum.

Since then, no matter how smelly that cheese, I never failed to savour them. It is just like durian, don't try won't know how good it can be.

For tonight, we will have Honey Baked Ham with Brie.

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  1. I think I shld learn from you... start exploring cheese. Running out of ideas for better sandwich fillings.


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