Thursday, May 12, 2005

Liang Cha

My mom is a firm believer of Liang Cha. She will diligently boiled this once a week. Of course, up her sleeves, she has so many varieties of Liang Cha suitable for each occassion. For me, the herbs itself, I am already confused!! So many different types and names that sounded so alien to me. Perhaps I should get my mom do write all these down for me. After much nagging on her part as we don't routinely visit her every week. She insisted that I have to stand by some in the house. So if I happened to past by some medical halls, I will pop in and get those prepack. Yesterday, I have been nibbling on the 7D mangoes and already feeling the sore in my throat in this morning. So let's have some liang cha before it is too late. Photobucket Content of the prepack indicated: Ju Hua Fan Bai Cao Xia Ku Cao Shen Xu Luo Han Guo Whether this concoction is right or wrong, I seriously don't know.
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  1. You can put some sweetened dates to make it taste sweeter.


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